15+ Geisha Tattoos: A Showcase of Japanese Culture and Artistry

As we know everything can be inspiration for tattoo artists. So, this time we are going to speak about other tattoo designs which are done on the basis of Japanese culture. Geisha tattoo designs are very popular among woman. Geisha tattoo designs are unique and sometimes people misunderstand their creature as a woman of night.

Explore the 30 Best wolf Tattoo Ideas & Meanings

Like many other animal tattoos wolf tattoos also have fantastic designs and meanings. There are many options of these tattoos both for men and women. They have contrasting meanings including both positive and negative connotations. Today we’ll discuss these meanings and will show several great examples of wolf tattoo designs. Wolf tattoo designs symbolize smartness, dark forces, maleness, success, triumph, fierceness, power and cleverness.

16 Charming Fairy Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

There are a lot of characters from movies that people like much and want to have their images to be depicted on their parts as a tattoo. Tinkerbell is one of the most popular tattoo designs that people want to get. As we know Tinkerbell is a fairy from Peter Peen movie. This cute creature takes us back to our careless childhood. Undoubtedly this amazing and awesome Miss is a good option for body art. A lot of people around the world wanted to get Tinkerbell tattoo design on their arms, legs and other body areas.

Stunning Leg Tattoo Ideas and New Designs for Women

The Statue of liberty has a significant history which makes her more important and unique. This statue is very tall and visible from a huge distance. As we know Statue of liberty was built by Americans, but originally it was gifted to the USA by France. This statue was built to show America in a refulgent light. Obviously she is an inspiration for many tattoo artists. This statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and also a powerful figure.

Exquisite Tattoo. The Most Powerful Decoration for Your Body

Tribal tattoos are very popular but they gained more fame in the last few years. So, the Maori tribal tattoos are also very popular especially among males, on the other hand we can say that these types of tattoos are gaining popularity among females too. Maori tattoos are done mainly in black ink.

15 Stunning Angel Tattoo Designs For 2024

Angels are one of the most popular subjects of tattoos and that is why in this article we decided to speak about one of the most famous angels St. Michael whose picture is taken as a tattoo design quite often. He is many people’s protector. People who are not religious also choose the tattoo with St. Michael image, in order to be protected. Here we selected the most awesome Angel Tattoo Designs.

20+ Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

Flower tattoo designs are very popular especially among females. They have a cute and attractive look. Different kinds of flowers can be taken as a tattoo design but in this article we are going to speak about a flower called hibiscus. It is known that these flowers come from the Pacific and have many different colors.

40 Gorgeous Collar Bone Tattoos for Everybody in 2024

Tattoo art has been around for a lot of years and in spite of this fact, tattoo designs seem the same. Old designs are back in new forms. Nowadays on each step we can see people who wear different kinds of tattoos. Even it is possible to see someone who got tattoos on all body parts. Tattoos are very fashionable and modern.

20+ Beautiful Cancer Ribbon Tattoos And Their Meaning

Cancer leaves traces on those lives who suffered from this terrible disease. The pain that cancer inflicts is really awful. The ribbons symbolize victory over cancer. They are used as an element for tattoo designs and considered to be one of the most meaningful tattoo designs in tattoo art. Different people have different reasons to choose cancer ribbon tattoo designs.

10+ Graceful Serenity Prayer Tattoos

We made the list of the most wonderful prayer tattoo designs. They keep Bible always in your mind and remained about important issues of life. These tattoo designs are depicted more in a delicate than glamorous way. The concentration is completely on the words. Below we have very interesting graceful tattoo design examples.