Stunning Leg Tattoo Ideas and New Designs for Women

The Statue of liberty has a significant history which makes her more important and unique. This statue is very tall and visible from a huge distance. As we know Statue of liberty was built by Americans, but originally it was gifted to the USA by France. This statue was built to show America in a refulgent light. Obviously she is an inspiration for many tattoo artists. This statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and also a powerful figure.

As we mention above this statue symbolizes freedom in America so a lot of people prefer to get this tattoo just for this reason. They like to add many different elements to the tattoos like skyline of Manhattan, flag etc. Not only the design of tattoo, but also the body part where your tattoo is going to be depicted has a lot of significance.

As New York and the Statue of Liberty are connected with each other it would be great idea to add New York skyline and bridge on the tattoo. This way of having the tattoo done looks more amazing and wonderful.

Having flags or other kinds of nation or patriotic elements on the tattoo will show how you feel about you beautiful country. These kinds of tattoos required much detailed work. So before getting the tattoo with only the head part of the statue try to find a good tattoo artist who will create a piece of art. If the work is done in proper detail, make sure that your tattoo will have a hilarious and gorgeous look.

When we look at the Statue of Liberty we see that it is in green color. But for example on this tattoo it is not so dark green. The torch in her hands looks amazing and gives very interesting an eye catching look to the tattoo. Of course this is not the exact color of the Statue of liberty but dark colors make the tattoo more visible and clearer. On this tattoo we can see the eagle in the sky which looks down to the most powerful symbol of freedom. This combination really looks very creative.