Explore the 30 Best wolf Tattoo Ideas & Meanings

Like many other animal tattoos wolf tattoos also have fantastic designs and meanings. There are many options of these tattoos both for men and women. They have contrasting meanings including both positive and negative connotations. Today we’ll discuss these meanings and will show several great examples of wolf tattoo designs. Wolf tattoo designs symbolize smartness, dark forces, maleness, success, triumph, fierceness, power and cleverness.

Wolves are associated with loyalty because it is known that they live in packs. They are even ready to die and sacrifice a lot of things in order to protect the pack. In wolf family younger wolves take care about their fathers and mothers. A lot of people choose these tattoos exactly for this reason. They want to show their attitude towards their family.

Wolf tattoos are also about familiarity and love, so to indicate this meaning people choose two wolves depicted on their body areas. On these types of tattoos wolves’ faces are done in more cute and romantic way. Some even add other symbols to give the tattoo more tender look. One of the most used symbols for these tattoos is moon. Wolves are standing and howling away at the moon.

Another popular option of this tattoo design includes the tribal wolf design. The Celtic depiction of the wolf is that the wolf resting head on dovetail. Native American version of the wolf is the blue eyes wolf with icy look. There are a lot of species of wolves, so this gives you an opportunity to choose the wolf that you want.

According to legends, wolves are very strength, clever and have hunting abilities. These facts of course add great value to the wolf tattoo designs. They are also known as survivors in very harsh conditions. Different legends and stories depict wolves in different roles. They were also depicted as the Satan’s mates who helped giving birth of Anti-Christ.

For Native Americans wolves are considered to be guiders during crisis. There are a lot of other elements that can be chosen as a part of tattoo design for example forest, moon etc.

People think about all these issues and go for these tattoos. Another negative part of wolf tattoo designs is being depicted with the devil. They are done together and have a dark meaning. Except having negative meaning wolves are thought to be protectors. Before choosing these tattoo design make search for you to see all negative and positive wolves tattoo design meanings and choose the one which will be more close to you.