40 Gorgeous Collar Bone Tattoos for Everybody in 2024

Tattoo art has been around for a lot of years and in spite of this fact, tattoo designs seem the same. Old designs are back in new forms. Nowadays on each step we can see people who wear different kinds of tattoos. Even it is possible to see someone who got tattoos on all body parts. Tattoos are very fashionable and modern.

Before getting a tattoo it is very important to think about the place where the tattoo is going to be done. There are a lot of body parts that can be taken into consideration, for example a lot of body places are being tattooed more than collar bone area. To get tattoo on this body place is very painful. Both men and women can take sexy collar bone tattoos.

There are groups of people who choose collar bone tattoos to make interesting statements while others get these tattoos to emphasize the collar bone or make artistic and cute statements. Tattoo designs for this body place will be trendy and unique for a long time.

The most preferable collarbone tattoo designs are depicted with words or interesting quotations. Both genders wear these tattoos which are very inspirational and meaningful. Collarbone tattoo designs can be classified from a single word to profusely detailed sayings.

These florid tattoos give the wearers an opportunity to show their faith and beloved colors through the expression that they have chosen. Mostly people prefer to have black and blue inked script tattoo designs. These script tattoos are done under the collar bone.

Although designs of theses tattoos have a very simple look, they express deep meanings and people get these tattoos to share their personality and characteristic features with the world. Before doing script tattoo design, try to find a tattoo artist who can do good line work.

These tattoos look great especially on female’s collarbone. The words of the tattoo are very tender and less detailed. You can find small sized font tattoos with few elements.

The collarbone tattoo designs give you more chances to choose different fonts and size than script tattoo designs. If you are not sure what kind of font tattoo you want your tattoo artist will help you to find the best one.

Sometimes these tattoos are done across the chest under the collarbone and they differ from each other by the place where they are located. Especially these tattoos types are more impressive and eye-catching than any other collarbone tattoo. They can also have unsymmetrical and irregular positions.

These tattoos fit anywhere, they can be done bellow or above the collar bone.

However the collar bone is a good place for expression, some people think that all they need is just a single word. This tattoo can be inspiration for the wearer. That single word may describe the person who got the tattoo or remind him about something.


A lot of people particularly women have a desire to get a collarbone tattoo which will not cover the whole chest. Tiny symbol tattoo types are the best choice for them. It is believed that collarbone thin tattoo designs add sexiness to that body part.

These tattoo types can be matched with stars hearts, music notes birds and bats. Collarbone is a very feminine place for tattoos.

Banner tattoos are also one of the most popular tattoo designs. They sometimes contain words, sometimes not. Some people have running banners across the chest. They may include dates or names in honor of someone special.

This tattoo symbolizes Jesus Christ’s love. People choose the sacred heart tattoos to show their faith and love towards Jesus Christ. this tattoo will have a great look on your chest.

Coffin tattoo designs are also very trendy. These tattoos remind people about short time that they have. They symbolize death. Roses or wings surrounded coffin.

Collarbone tattoos can be done both in black and grey colors. Huge Collarbone tattoos designs are very painful. Before getting one of these tattoos think about all issues.