24 Flower Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2023

People following fashion trends to have the latest looks of different cultures and even from street styles.

They try to look as luxurious as the last updates representing them as their own style. Those luxurious tendency is more visible in the wide use of piercings, septum and nipple which look so elegant with golden elements on them and with little diamond decorations.


2009 was just the year when tattoos stated to be fashionable. If we go back into the history of tattoo, we can see that they first hit the top of popularity due to Chanel’s Spring 2020 show, where the models were covered in modern tats. And again we see another artist Scott Campbell (Marc Jacobs’s go-to guy for ink) who created cognate skin art for   Louis Vuitton menswear show in Spring 2021.  So, the art of tattoos became so interesting and attractive that it entered even in the field of makeup. In 2022 the latest modern designers stated to decorate the faces of models by using those temporary tattoos.


One may think about the origin of tattoos at all. From where do they come? Speaking about face tattoos we come across the answer that they are associated with the main gang members and rappers, who popped up in the main four cities: New York with it’s mysteries   crescent moons, London with it’s floral appliques painted on face, Giamba with elegant designs of all types and finally, Paris with the distribution of star-shaped eyeliners. A promising star FKA recently told Style.com that she realizes that it was just John Galliano’s spring 1996 show that inspired her and in her word she mentioned that fashion is the field where eventually everything comes back.


So, you too are inspired by those attractive ideas? Try flower tattoos for 2022 fall. Here you can see some great examples that will make you think of the best variant. Choose the one that inspires you most of all, try the one that shows off your own individuality and your own originality.