20+ Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

Flower tattoo designs are very popular especially among females. They have a cute and attractive look. Different kinds of flowers can be taken as a tattoo design but in this article we are going to speak about a flower called hibiscus. It is known that these flowers come from the Pacific and have many different colors.

Each color of hibiscus flower tattoo means something and this is one of the main reasons that people go for these tattoos. Women decide to do this hibiscus tattoo designs by getting inspired of different meanings that these flowers have.

Size of this awesome tattoo depends on the body area that you are going to choose for your tattoo. Hibiscus flower is not only unique in its appearance but also have different meanings. In Korean culture this flower is a symbol of immortal beauty. In Malaysia it represents life, honor and bravery. In Chinese culture hibiscus flower means feminine things like good name, politeness, purity and riches. We can find more than 200 types of hibiscus and they can have colors like white, orange, pink or red. On tattoos this flower may be depicted in green, blue or lavender colors.

The hibiscus designs include things that show the life in Pacific. Continuing this idea, we can say that it represents a wonderful and laid back way of live. A lot of people choose elements which are the part of Pacific culture. You will not find two hibiscus tattoos which are the same. All hibiscus flowers are quite different from each other. Striking elements can be good examples for hibiscus tattoo designs.

The significance of the hibiscus tattoo– compared with flowers tattoos also represent beauty and fragility, quiet and cool lifestyle, hospitality and other things. Of course each person who is going to get this tattoo will have his or her own variant of symbol attached to it.

As we mention above the colors of the hibiscus express different meanings. Red color symbolizes passion, yellow color represents friendship, purple is for royalty and riches, blue stands for fecundity and calm, pink is a sign of exotic beauty, white color symbolizes enlightenment. With these rich meanings it is quite easy to understand why hibiscus tattoos are so popular. Even for people who want to get a tattoo just for its cute appearance; these tattoo designs will be great. It will be suitable for all body parts.

You can match hibiscus tattoo with a lot of elements like a skull or other objects which are associated with the Pacific.