20+ Beautiful Cancer Ribbon Tattoos And Their Meaning

Cancer leaves traces on those lives who suffered from this terrible disease. The pain that cancer inflicts is really awful. The ribbons symbolize victory over cancer. They are used as an element for tattoo designs and considered to be one of the most meaningful tattoo designs in tattoo art. Different people have different reasons to choose cancer ribbon tattoo designs.

Various colors also have their important meanings. Both males and females can get this tattoo to celebrate their victory against cancer and the beginning of the new life. Ribbon tattoos that cancer patients or people who faced with this disease wear, really look great. They also choose these types of tattoos as a sign of strength, love, honor etc. Ribbon tattoo designs have plenty of meanings. People who get these tattoos want to encourage others to be aware of this awful disease and never lose hope of getting through it.

Surely ribbon tattoos are associated with cancer and each color of the ribbon is a special type of cancer. There are some people who get ribbon tattoos just to show that they have helped the person who was in the battle with cancer. These tattoos remind them that they should keep helping and supporting those who are fighting against the disease.

Some have these tattoos done as a memory of someone who lost the battle. It is a way to show their respectful attitude towards the person who died from cancer. People who were winners in the battle wear these tattoos with great honor and ribbon tattoos remind them to live each day in a way like it is the very last day. There are a lot of people who prefer to add some quotations to the ribbon tattoos, in order to inspire themselves. Other people add some elements to the tattoo which symbolize hope.

Purple color itself represents cancer. Pink color is associated with breast cancer, yellow color is for bladder cancer and gray color is for brain, childhood cancer is shown by gold color. There are a lot of ribbon tattoo ideas because these tattoos are done on the bases of people’s live stories. Each of these tattoos represents a unique meaning.

If you are going to have a ribbon tattoo it means you or someone else close to you, have faced with this disease, so probably you have some ideas in your head but before doing this tattoo think about elements that you can add to your tattoo because tattoos are something permanent. Another important thing is a body part where you are going to have your tattoo done.