16 Charming Fairy Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

There are a lot of characters from movies that people like much and want to have their images to be depicted on their parts as a tattoo. Tinkerbell is one of the most popular tattoo designs that people want to get. As we know Tinkerbell is a fairy from Peter Peen movie. This cute creature takes us back to our careless childhood. Undoubtedly this amazing and awesome Miss is a good option for body art. A lot of people around the world wanted to get Tinkerbell tattoo design on their arms, legs and other body areas.

Tinkerbell is not just a children’s character but inspiration for those who want to have a sense of majesty and whimsy. There is a group of people who is fun of fairy with green clothes. Day by day this tattoo designs are getting more popularity.

There are special traditional colors that have been used to do these amazing tattoos. This little fairy has had big green or blue eyes and blonde hair. The dress and shoes of Tinkerbell are yellow green and white the same as we see on television while she is dancing. Green and yellow colors on skin really look quite eye catching. But different individuals choose different colors and it mainly depends on preferences.

Tinkerbell is not only known for her style, but also for her facial expressions. We can see the tender fairy giving a modest wink or appeared with crossed her fingers. These expressions make her popular and one of the most beloved creatures around the world. On tattoos we can also see her depicted with these unforgettable facial expressions. Her bun located on the top part of her head is also very famous.

These tattoo designs are very popular so they can be depicted on all parts of body. They are suitable for ankles, feet and legs or on the back part of your body. Her sizes on tattoo are different too. In these cases the tattoo artists can take into account their clients desires.

Of course both females and males can wear these amazing Tinkerbell tattoo design but it is more popular among females. Both young and old females around the world choose these tattoos in different size, color and design.