15 Stunning Angel Tattoo Designs For 2024

Angels are one of the most popular subjects of tattoos and that is why in this article we decided to speak about one of the most famous angels St. Michael whose picture is taken as a tattoo design quite often. He is many people’s protector. People who are not religious also choose the tattoo with St. Michael image, in order to be protected. Here we selected the most awesome Angel Tattoo Designs.

For artists angels have been a source of inspiration for a long time. Tattoos with angels are real artworks. The back is a perfect body place for angel tattoos. It gives an opportunity to depict a marvelous and stunning angel tattoo.

The back area of the body is a large canvas for tattoo artist to create angel artwork. A St. Michael tattoo will look great and stunning on anyone.

Not all religions accept or recognize saints but St. Michael is known in different religions. Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, Jews, Muslims members of Greek and Russian Orthodox Church and Mormons all worship St. Michael as a protector saint. Different members of different religious can take St. Michael’s image as a tattoo in honor of the Archangel.

St. Michael’s day is celebrated in September. In different religions St. Michael’s day changes but the month is always the same. For those who born in September it will be a great idea to have this tattoo because he is the patron saint of the month. If you got married in September or had any life change in this month it is very meaningful reason to choose St. Michael tattoo.

If you were in fight with very serious illness and got through it, you can get this tattoo to celebrate your victory. Another version is that if someone who is close to you, suffers from dangerous disease this tattoo may to plead protection for him or her. Parents, who have ill children, always get a tattoo with St. Michael image to protect them.

Tattoo artists always get hoping that St. Michael will bring new ideas, inspiration and wealth. If you want to have an artistic St Michael tattoo design you should look for St Michael’s images painted by famous artists.

According to religions St. Michael is a soul protector. It is said that he carries people’s souls into the Heaven after their death. He gives people a chance to regret before facing Judgment. Sometimes people, who lost their children, got tattooed them in St. Michael’s arms.