15+ Skull Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

With the new clients the tattoo artists create completely new tattoo designs. Each tattoo is different from the other because different kinds of life stories are connected with them. People like to choose elements which will describe their character features. Recently we have noticed that recently tattoo lovers choose skull tattoo ideas quite often.

We can say that the majority of tattoo wearers include skull in their tattoo designs and since they are so popular among females and males we have decided to search for the latest skull tattoo ideas and represent you because we are sure that if you are tattoo lover probably you also would like to have at least one skull tattoo. Follow our article and find some new skull tattoo ideas which are very inspiring.

Both large and small tattoo designs look great but sometimes women prefer to have an elegant and small tattoo design. While doing our research we have noticed that females choose their fingers for small skull tattoo designs although other parts of the body are also work well here. This is a perfect idea for those who are going to get a tattoo first time in their lives. Small tattoo designs do not take too much time so that the tattoo wearer step by step learns to deal with the pain. The color of the tattoo is based on your preferences for example you can get the overall design of the tattoo with black ink while the color of the skull’s eyes can be purple or blue or any other color that you like. If you want to add to the tattoo more feminine look you may use colors which describe girls like pink, violet etc.

Different kinds of elements can be matched with the skull tattoo designs especially when you choose something which is in the same theme. The newest skull tattoo designs include owl with them. Both owls and skulls have some mysterious meanings for example skull is itself associated with death while the owl in different cultures is referred as the protector and guardian of death. Below you can see some examples of owl and skull tattoo designs and you should agree with us that the combination of skull and owl is great.

Flowers like skulls are excellent elements for any tattoo design. Flowers are suitable with skulls too. Of course males also go for these tattoo design but the dominant number of these tattoo wearers are females. Flowers make the skull more feminine and it does not even look scary while a lot of skull tattoos are done in scary designs. In this case the tattoo artists go for roses and the combination of red rose and the black color of scull looks very elegant and chic. Who does not like to have such kind of luxury tattoo design?

In order to help you with the skull tattoo designs we have selected some other examples which surely will attract you to choose one of them. Remember that you can choose the colors according to your preferences.