15+ Geisha Tattoos: A Showcase of Japanese Culture and Artistry

As we know everything can be inspiration for tattoo artists. So, this time we are going to speak about other tattoo designs which are done on the basis of Japanese culture. Geisha tattoo designs are very popular among woman. Geisha tattoo designs are unique and sometimes people misunderstand their creature as a woman of night.

But is more than just a simple prostitute it represents woman’s beauty and the attraction and seduction that they can create. In Japan both males and females do for these tattoo designs. You should know that Geisha tattoo deigns require much detailed work so, that is why they have large sizes.

Geishas are beautiful and sexy women who were entertaining men. It was not mandatory to pleasing them in bed it was enough to be a perfect entertainer. Geishas should be a good listeners and companions. They were often not permitted to marry.

Geishas had a mystery and attractive look which made them to be desirable. Geishas always wore vivid color dresses. Their feminine and attractive appearance made tattoo artists create marvelous tattoo designs. Geisha’s main purpose of life was to entertain men and made sure that they were completely satisfied. During conversations with males Geishas had ability to provide interesting insights into politics or history. Many women around the world take Geisha tattoos to show their personality.

Geishas are the symbols of womanhood. This is another reason for many women to choose these tattoos. The Geisha tattoo designs represents softness, beauty, wisdom, femininity. The Geishas played great role in different kinds of ceremonies particularly tea ceremonies. Geisha tattoos are usually depicted in red color because red is a symbol of attraction and seduction. On the other hand colorful Geisha tattoos are also very popular.

Geishas sometimes are shown along with trees and nature. For example they were part of cherry blossom. The total look of Geisha was really strong elegance and attraction but never cross the border. Both men and women wear these amazing tattoos. Men choose these tattoos to show their desires, while women want to have these tattoos to show some qualities of Geishas. Before doing these tattoos try to find a good tattoo artist who can do justice to this design. Well done work undoubtedly will show the whole beauty of the tattoo.

There are a lot of possible options for Geisha tattoo designs. They can be done with different elements which symbolize Japan’s culture. For example Geisha tattoos with Samurai warrior will be great idea. Why Samurais because they always protected Geishas. They are really good themes for tattoo designs.