12 Wonderful Shield Tattoo Designs for 2024

Maybe the shield tattoo designs are not so popular but the fact is that they symbolize a lot of things which make the tattoo a great choice for anyone. Both males and females may go for shield tattoo designs because they are excellent in their styles and have very important meanings. The shield is known as an object which helps you to protect during war or fight. The tattoo artists are inspired of this meaning and due to this they have created a lot of amazing and unique shield tattoo designs. To make the design more personal tattoo lovers may add some sayings or other elements which characterize them. In order to add all needed elements to the tattoo, artists create big shield designs, so we can say that shield tattoos are always big in their sizes.

The way shield tattoo is depicted depends on wearer although in all case the tattoo wearer decides what type of design to have. Some of them choose tattoos which are connected with their profession or family. Men and women shield tattoos are quite different from each other: men’s tattoos include more masculine details and elements which show the strong character of the tattoo wearer while women’s shield tattoos look very tender and cute, feminine elements included in the tattoos make them amazing and wonderful.

Many shield tattoos consist of family crests or coat of arms, the overall look of the tattoo is very interesting and stunning because it is associated with some important things. These tattoo designs in past were an excellent method to recognize each other during wars and conflicts.

As we have already mentioned above shields originally were used to protect so of curse one of the basic meanings of these tattoo designs is protectiveness, then these tattoos show family roots, courage lineage etc.

While choosing a shield tattoo you should not look at meanings which were associated with the past try to give a new breath to the tattoo by adding your own ideas. You may add a lot of elements which will describe your personality for example it may be an animal maybe because you like or admire it or other things. Believe us that this version is going to make your tattoo even more meaningful.

The most known reason that people go for these tattoo designs is that they are fighting with their personal demons and that ideas are reflected in the tattoo designs. It is said that when you are down the shield tattoo design is going to protect you because it is the basic idea of the design.

One of the most beautiful shield tattoo designs is done in Celtic style. Here you can see more than one shield and except shields here you can include different kinds of elements. When you decide the design of the tattoo you may think about other things like size, color and location. Once you have decided the body part make sure that you will easily find out the size that is proper to choose. The most fascinating thing about these tattoos is that you have so many choices about the color, so feel free to choose the color which inspires you.