10+ Graceful Serenity Prayer Tattoos

We made the list of the most wonderful prayer tattoo designs. They keep Bible always in your mind and remained about important issues of life. These tattoo designs are depicted more in a delicate than glamorous way. The concentration is completely on the words. Below we have very interesting graceful tattoo design examples.

You may look and be inspired by these pretty and meaningful tattoos. The idea of this tattoo is to encourage you. We know that ancient Greeks used to put all important words into a scroll, so this tattoo design is chosen exactly based on this idea. For example in this picture we can see old words are put in a scroll tattoo and their meanings show the ways where you should look for guidance. The scroll is pictured in a very simple way which gives elegance to the tattoo.

There are some people who want to add something interesting to their prayer tattoo and they think beautiful elements can make them more eye-catching and attractive. Flowers can be a perfect match, for example in this case the tattoo artist used red flowers on the side of the praying words and gave more softness and tenderness to it. the tattoo on the back of a girl has a very cute look. The flowers on the prayer tattoo have a little flowing motion.

Sometimes people prefer to have a bold big tattoo, in order to make words more clear and obvious. Here we have an example of a big bold tattoo which has done in black and blue colors. Surely the owner of the tattoo wanted to make some word more visible.

The lower back body area is a quite strange place for having this tattoo done but it shows that god is very important for you in all walks of life. This tattoo is not for a word of wisdom but it looks cute and the script of the tattoo is very easy to read.

Not always serenity tattoos are peaceful but exactly this one is. It keeps concentration more on the words then on other elements of the tattoo. Words are very easy to read and understand. The butterfly completes the look of the tattoo. In this tattoo praying is the most important meaning and the tattoo artist wanted to show this by using someone’s praying hands which have an old and wise look. Words are shown in a very simple way. Reddish light gives an impressive look to the tattoo.

It will be great idea to create a prayer tattoo with a rose design. Although this design of the tattoo has a little serious look, but it shows innocence and tenderness of the tattoo. For example on the picture leaves of the roses are done in detail and words are very easy to read. Two roses are standing on the side of the prayers and give an awesome look to the tattoo.