Handprint Tattoo Ideas

Handprint tattoos are included among the most meaningful tattoos. They are supposed to represent children that are why they are mostly done worn by parents. This tattoo design can be done for people of the both genders. They are very popular and have deep meanings. In this article we’ll discuss the reasons why people choose a handprint tattoo, the locations where they can be done and some design possibilities that will give a complete description of it.


Why do parents get a handprint tattoo? It is because they want to express their unconditional and limitless love towards their child or children. Some prefer to have only the image of a handprint and some choose other elements to combine with it. There are a lot of interesting designs for a handprint tattoo. If you choose a professional artist who has done many handprints then probably he/she can suggest you awesome solutions.


The symbolism and the meaning of this tattoo includes union of minds, perfect friendship, unconditional love, loyalty, family ties, strength and a feeling of power. Some Handprint Tattoo Designs can be found here.


Some people go for stark hand print tattoo in black. Some choose colors that best suit their personal taste. If you want to show a handprint of a boy child you can choose blue color and if you want to show a handprint of a girl child, you’d better choose pink. The combinations are very different. You can make a handprint and bow combination, handprint and heart combo, handprint and flower combo, handprint and ladybird combo and so on.  These tattoos are done on different parts of bodies. They are usually done on back, arms, legs, hands, chest, wrist, shoulder, neck and so on. There are also cases when people wear two handprints at the same time. They look cute if they are made in small sizes but you can meet larger ones too. Maybe you want to add some quotes to your handprint tattoo. It is also very common. And the latest design is 3D design that is used almost in all tattoo designs.