Cool Sleeve Tattoo Designs for 2022

Talking about sleeve tattoos we can say that there is a large amount of choices for sleeves.They can be of different types such as, tribal, quotes,  dragons, fonts, angels, 3D, Polynesian or Maori. There are two types of sleeve tattoos: full and half. Full sleeve tattoos take the whole space of your arm while half sleeve tattoos cover half of your arm. So, full sleeve tattoos are larger than half sleeve ones, that’s why they take much time to be done. But it also depends on the size, shape and complexity of the design.

Sleeve tattoo designs are especially popular in 2022. They are widely used by both man and women. Women prefer to get their sleeve tattoo with full of flowers and watercolor ink, while men like to have tribal style tattoos. If you are a woman then you’d better get a tattoo on your neck or arms or any eye-catching part of your body. Men, who want to look cool can also have a sleeve tattoo design on their arms or back, and it’s preferable to have a big one.

Perhaps you are interested in Polynesian or Maori tattoo designs. They mostly include dragons and many other sleeve ideas on them. However our imagination allows us to have sleeve tattoos on different topics such as marine life, wild life, the universe, flowers, fire, water, heaven and many other beautiful designs that we meet in nature .They are also very popular in this 2022 year.

Combining your sleeve tattoo with quotes is also very prevailing. It is not only beautiful but also gives you a great opportunity to express your own thoughts  mixed with your inner feelings. But if you don’t have any idea about making your own quote you can  take it from books, literature or philosophy or just from the Internet as many of us do nowadays.