Bible Themed Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Sometimes we can meet people with bible themed tattoos on their bodies. What do they want to show? The meaning of wearing such tattoos is that a person who is a follower of Christianity has deep faith towards the holy Bible and towards each word on it. They are equally worn both by men and women. Here are some examples of Bible Themed Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women.

People use their imagination to create a unique Bible themed tattoo. There are many versions of expressing the best part of Bible for you. It can be a quite or something like that combined with some pictures of persons from Bible. Now we’ll discuss some of the possible variants of Bible themed tattoos.


Genesis the Bible Tattoo: Looking at this picture we see that the artist created this design the way that it could include both an image and quotes. The well-known John 3:16 taken from Bible is just on the right side and the word written on above is the additional expression of the wearer.


A Bible Tattoo with 10 Commandments: As we know the original variant of 10 commandments have been by the Almighty Himself on the stone. It is well represented in this tattoo which is done really professionally.


Bible Theme Psalms Scroll Tattoo: Psalms are among the most loved parts of Bible. People take a lot from psalms and tattoos done with this scroll font look different and beautiful.


Tattoo of Jesus: Having the portrait of Jesus is very popular. These tattoos are done in a careful manner as they are not so easy to create. The colors and the deep expression of this tattoo design contains a lot of meaning in it. It is done in 3D style.


David and Goliath Tattoo: This one is really very effective as it contains a whole story in it. The victory of David towards Goliath symbolizes the victory of a human being towards his worst enemy ever: the Satan.


The rest of the tattoos cover different scenes, stories and quotes from Bible. They are unique and each of them represent a special meaning. Have a look and keep your faith strong.