9 Of The Best Skull Tattoo Ideas For Women in 2022

Skull tattoos are popular and widely used tattoos that include many elements associated with the meanings of the designs. Today we’ll represent the hottest skull tattoos that are worn by both genders.


They symbolize different meanings and the choices for skull tattoos are many. You can choose the 3D style, Mexican sugar tattoo designs, Gothic skull tattoos and tribal styled skulls. These tattoos can be combined with snakes, flowers, crosses, bones, spiders, scorpions, demons, vampires, and fire and alike. Each style represents something special according the culture where it was developed.


Mexican sugar skull tattoos are differing tattoos that have incredible designs. Watching at these tattoos one can immediately catch the same touch in each tattoo. They are traditional tattoos and are generally very colorful. Here you can see gypsy tattoos along with skulls, vivid colored skulls with flowers and so on. They usually have funny images and are not that scary. Though sugar tattoos are connected with death but many people choose them just because of the nice coloring they have.


People who have Mexican roots and follow their traditions often get these tattoos for the traditional Mexican festival “Day of the Dead” celebrated in on November 1st and November 2nd in many Mexican countries.


Gothic skull tattoos basically have positive symbolization and they are depicted in neutral colors. Sometimes you can see bold red color representing blood. The most common meanings of skull tattoos are death, life, power, strength and good luck. It can represent a change in someone’s life either positive or negative.


There are also memorial skull tattoos that symbolize remembrance. If you want to get a tattoo that can remind of someone special you can get a skull tattoo along with flowers and add the name of the person on it. The flowers can be either black inked or colorful depending on your preference. They usually symbolize life and tell that in spite everything life goes on. Some that have overcome death sometimes wear skull tattoos. Gang members also wear these tattoos to show that they have killed someone.


It goes without saying that these tattoos can include the grim reaper images too. They are closely associated with skulls and death. Grim reaper tattoos are worn by people who feel that they have passed a period when they could have caught by death but they are still alive. On the other hand this tattoo can show a positive change in someone’s life and the decision of starting a new lifestyle. Those that have passed through difficult times may need a radical change in their lives and they start from tattooing a skull on their bodies.


The represented skull tattoos can help you find a design that meets your interests and preferences. If you have decided to wear such tattoo have a look at them once more and pick the one that most appeals to you. Take into consideration the origins of each tattoo and the meanings they hold. If you are not sure you want a traditional design you can go for 3D styled skull tattoo that can be worn on any body part making it quite impressive.