9 Biggest Tattoo Trends Of 2022, According to Aeri Tattoo

Traveling is one of the pleasures people seek for. It brings joy and happiness with it and can change your life entirely. There are many people that live their life by traveling all over the world. In this article you are going to see creative travel inspired tattoo designs 2022.


So, the passion travelers have towards journey is just amazing and inspiring. They learn new and interesting things due to each journey and they enjoy communicating with different people of different cultures. The means of traveling they choose can vary depending on the interests of the person. These people are generally called globetrotters. So, if you are one of the most passionate globetrotters this article is for you. Find out the most beautiful and creative travel inspired tattoos just here.


This tendency of wearing map, compass, plain, globes and such tattoos are becoming more and more fashionable. People go for these tattoos thinking beforehand of the design and they get tattoos that are quite attractive, beautiful and of course, original. The modern ways of travel inspired tattoos include many colors bringing brightness and pretty vividness. This is what 2022 “demands”.


The shapes of these tattoos generally don’t depend on the chosen body are unlike many other tattoos. No matter where you get it, it can be either big or small. Any design can be depicted both in small and larger sizes. For example, maps look beautiful if done in simple small size and they are very eye-catching if tattooed in large size and a bit complicated. These tattoos can be very detailed including many colors. They are awesome and very inspiring.


A globe, a compass a map or whatever you choose for your tattoo design it can always hold a personal meaning and combining it with other elements can make it even more original. Before getting nay travel tattoo look for incredible ideas that can look impressive and flashy tattooed on your body.


Travel tattoos are worn on different body areas. Women choose to get it on their shoulder, neck, wrist, leg, feet etc. men prefer to get on their arms, back, chest and so on. Back travel tattoos can show an entire map that can be quite clearly depicted. Using natural looking colors your image will be more attractive. You can get your map tattoo across your forearm, chest and on your shoulder too.


Compass tattoos are very popular especially in 2016 and they are usually worn on wrists both by men and women. Globes can be inked in different designs and can be combined with quotes or with single word. Other options can be found bellow