2022 Original Razor Tattoo Ideas

Razors had always followed us starting from 5th century. People used them for different purposes and they are still useful items that we keep with us. There are different types and shapes of razors; even artistically made ones. In 19th and 20th century there were many men who had a kind of hobby of collecting razors. The variety of this item gave them a great opportunity to have their own original collection. Then everything changed gradually and now we can see more developed razors that are safer to use and are more hygienic. Today people wear this tattoo as a memorial of the earlier eras shaving item. And tattoo artist creatively use it in their designs that look interesting.


Razor Tattoo Designs: In this article you can see Original Razor Tattoo Ideas for 2022 with different designs. They are often combined with other elements like flowers, stars, webs, blood and quotes. You can also see designs in 3D style. Now we’ll discuss some of them.


Straight Edge Razor: The colors of this tattoo design are vivid enough including blue and orange. Here you see a razor not so developed but still in use. If you look carefully you can also see that the handle looks like a snake skin pattern. And there is also a bottom pressing which you can open the razor.


A razor tattoo with leaves and flowers: This tattoo is designed in a feminine way, since we see beautiful elements like a rose with it’s leaves. The colors are eye-catching and the design itself is interesting.



Razor tattoo with a spider web: A professionally done tattoo with a detailed decorated razor and red web. Here the red color represents blood as we never see a web in red.


Razor tattoo with dripping blood: A very detailed and artistic work in which we see not only a razor and blood but also an image of a pretty women reflected in the mirror of the razor. This one is so called “personal” tattoo design.


Razor tattoo with ripped flesh in 3D style: We see a detailed work on a sensitive part of a body that looks painful and not so acceptable. It seems as if a real razor is stuck in your body and the artist got this effect due to the used 3D style. And the blood looks so natural that the watcher may think it’s real.


Hip razor tattoo: The deep image of a skull and the mysterious details on the design really make a sense. The only thing we can say about this tattoo design is that it is done in a creative way using one’s fantasy. Perhaps the wearer thought carefully before getting this tattoo done, as it is far from reality and contains some personal meaning in it. The effect itself is scary and funny at the same time.


On the following pictures you can see other fascinating razor tattoo ideas and designs that look totally different from each other. So, do some research before wearing this tattoo! Discuss all the variants with your friends and family members and choose the right place of your body to have it done. The shapes, sizes and details depend on your interests and on your own way of thinking.  Put some serious meanings to your tattoo design and otherwise, have some funny elements with it. You can wear it on your arms, back, leg, hand, finger and so on.