20 Creative Space Tattoo Ideas For Women To Try

I was always wondering where the borders and limits of human imagination are. Perhaps they don’t exist because thinking of space tattoos is such a fascinating and wonderful idea that only hearing of them makes you discover and find out how they look like. Just for this reason today we’ll introduce you stunning modern space tattoo ideas for 2022. These tattoos will amuse you and perhaps will inspire you for your next tattoo.


Though space has no association with the human body and skin but these tattoos tend to make them more attractive and interesting. Looking at them you feel the touch of mystery and the longing of people to reach for the sky.


They best reflect your wishes, desires and sometimes even aims. Due to space tattoos you show off not only your interesting character but also the unique way of thinking. Actually there are many designs for these tattoos but the common ideas mostly hold the images of planets, stars, clouds, galaxies, spaceships and whatever one may see and imagine in the sky. For those who like small and hardly noticeable tattoos we offer simple planet tattoo designs which can be depicted on wrists, forearms, necks, shoulders and sometimes on legs.


You can choose either a single planet or a group of planets along with stars. If you are a fan of large and eye-catching tattoos then you may like half sleeve, sleeve, back, chest or arm space tattoos. Small designs don’t need too much coloring to be full of wonder.


They can be in simple black ink which brings out the beautiful shapes of planets perfectly. As for large tattoos the more colorful they are the clearer they can be reflected on the skin. For example sleeve tattoos require many colors so that they can provide you with the real-looking elements space. There are cases when people choose the 3D style for their space tattoo.


These are one of the most delightful tattoos you can ever see. They are so astounding and impressive that the watcher definitely gets interested. If you wear such tattoo perhaps you often feel the attention towards your tattoo by the people around you.


Before You Get a Space Tattoo

In our articles we often refer to the question whether you need this or that tattoo or not. Why this is essential because in the 21st century wearing tattoos is so common and popular that sometimes we meet cases when some tattoo wearers look unpleasant because of their tattoo design. It’s important to choose a stylish, beautiful and fascinating tattoo design so that people may get pleasant by looking at it. The thing is about the right choice of the design. If you want to wear a modern and unique tattoo which is something new and interesting in body art you may consider space tattoos for 2022, but make sure you have done a thorough research in order to find the coolest idea for your space tattoo.