12 Wonderful Love Tattoo Ideas for You

Love tattoo designs recently became very pretended. What do love tattoos show? They are usually devoted to the loved person or anyone that you love much: God, your mom, dad or any other family member. According to the taste of a wearer love tattoos can be of different styles. Look at these 12 Wonderful Love Tattoo Ideas. They will help you to find a good design for your next tattoo.

Meaning of Love Tattoos: Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. People usually become kind and caring when they love. It brings peace, joy and happiness into your heart. And when someone loves you find the world so wonderful that you want to live forever. Love is expressed in many ways. One can send you gifts to show his/her love, the other can just speak with you about his/her feelings and many others may send an emotional letter and so on. However there are also people who cannot express their feelings the way they want and for this reason they can wear a love tattoo which will show their strong passion towards that person. But this is not an easy way of showing your love. Love tattoos symbolize faith, passion, devotion, friendship and inspiration. Before getting a tattoo you should remember that it’s painful and the most important is that it’s forever. So, get such a love tattoo that you wouldn’t be sorry in the future.


Elements in Love Tattoos: There are a number of variants to make your love tattoo complete. If you don’t know which elements suit this kind of tattoo, just have a look at these pictures. The elements that are used to create a love tattoo usually include hearts, doves, roses, love quotes, butterflies, key and heart lock, cupid, or the name of the person you love.


Heart: Why do we first think of heart when one speaks about love? Because the center of love is in our hearts. Though we cannot touch it but we know that if we love, something beautiful happens just in the center of the heart and not for example, in lungs. That’s why when we try to draw something connected with love we always put a heart in it. In tattoo art also it is common to draw a heart as a symbol of love. The best thing in this symbol is that it shows your love not only towards human beings but also towards God. You can add wings to your heart tattoo to symbolize the eternal love of God.


Rose: Rose is a beautiful flower that symbolizes love and compassion. By adding this flower to your tattoo you add beauty and tenderness. It is often painted in red or black.


Dove: This symbol stands for peace and harmony. If you feel your love is harmonious and balanced you can add a cute dove to you tattoo. The image of dove is sometimes combined with a ribbon which makes it nicer.


Love: Just write love on an eye-catching area of your body. This word speaks louder than any other quote. It includes all the fantastic feelings with which you are filled. This word can be combined with a heart or with flowers.








At the end of the article we want to say that if you love someone, keep him/her closer to you and do everything to be always together!