12 Cool World Map Tattoos Designs To Try in 2022

Map tattoo ideas are becoming more and more main stream and popular. Many people go for various map tattoo designs making their body parts unique looking and beautiful. Those that love traveling and get inspired by the places they vivid sometimes wish to wear map tattoos. They can be either large or small and depending on your preferences you can get it on your back, chest, forearm and arm in larger sizes and on your neck, wrist, shoulder and foot in smaller sizes. There are no limits between men and women map tattoo designs because the shapes are generally the same. The main difference perhaps is the chosen body part. Men prefer to get these tattoos on back, chest and arm, while women wear cuter and smaller shapes on wrists or feet.


The designs for map tattoos are generally the same bringing out the shapes of countries, provinces or the shape of the world map. You can get either the map of your country or show your love towards the whole world by getting the shape of the world map on your body. There are simple and complicated designs for these tattoos. If you love the colorful world map you can get a colorful map tattoo with vivid hues. It looks more attractive and eye-catching, but if you are a lover of simplicity you may like simple shapes of maps tattooed in black ink. Both look unique and incredible.


Following the rules of fashion our tattoo artists create awesome and modern designs for tattoo art lovers. They don’t miss any idea that can be used a tattoo design and in this case maps make a great option. They represent your love towards traveling and towards the world. These tattoos are very positive and stylish. Looking at them you feel the kindness hold in the heart of the wearer and the positivity he/she wants to share with people surrounding him/her. If you like the idea of getting a pretty and flashy map tattoo here we represent you the best options among which you can pick the one that most appeals to you. Adding several original elements to your tattoo you’ll make it more differing and personal. Use your imagination to amuse your friends and relatives.


Back and chest give you a great opportunity of wearing a large map tattoo. These body parts provide you with a large canvas that can bring out the entire image of the world map. Your tattoo artists may depict a complicated design that can cover the entire image of the map including continents. Using different colors you’ll get an amazing image of a map.


If you want to wear an arm tattoo getting a map is a good idea. This body part also allows you wear a large design of a map tattoo that can look interesting. Having it in 3D style it can grab more attention.


For smaller designs wrist is perfect body part that becomes more beautiful if tattooed with a nice design. In this case small shape of map can look cute and lovely. You will always have it’s image in your sight and will often fascinate with the positivity it transfers. Wrist map tattoos are generally worn by women and men usually prefer to get them on their forearms. Forearm map tattoos are depicted across the forearm and allow the image look clear. You can use different hues to make you tattoo even lovelier.


Probably among the most creative tattoo ideas you can find foot map tattoos. You can get the image of map either on your foot or on both feet. They are worn both by men and women and can be covered whenever you want. Now, have a look at these pictures once more and choose an awesome design for you.