11 Temporary Tattoo Ideas All Artists & Ink Lovers Are Trying

Temporary tattoos are always available in case you wish to get a tattoo but nor for permanent. They give a nice opportunity of making your body more attractive for some period of time. These tattoos are especially loved by women and for our fashionable beauties today we’ll represent a collection of temporary tattoos for women.


One great thing about temporary tattoos is the besides bringing fun with them they tend to emphasize the beauty of female body. They can be worn for special events or just for fun. The tendency of wearing temporary tattoos increases especially during hot summer months when women show off their pretty bodies.


There are several ways of temporary tattoos including the henna Mehdi tattoo designs, glossy golden and silver tattoos and transfer tattoos. Now, we’ll discuss each of them separately.


These tattoos are the most common tattoos that come from old times. Women used to wear henna tattoos not only for special events but on casual days too. There are various awesome designs for henna tattoos each looking unique and very pretty.


You can get them on your hands, legs, back, neck and on any body art you want. For special events like weddings women brides wear full or partial body henna tattoos that have symbolic meanings. They are traditional tattoos and are used in many eastern cultures.


These tattoos fade after 2 weeks as the superficial cells that skin has are replaced by the body. The effects of these tattoos are perhaps the most delicate ones that make the female body more feminine.so, if you like the idea of getting a pretty henna tattoo you are supposed to find the most alluring design for you and get it on the body area you wish.




Recently many women get fantastic golden and silver tattoos that last only 7 days and look very beautiful. They are generally worn on wedding days and depending on your taste you can choose either golden or silver tattoos.


They look like jewelry and can be met as precious necklaces, armbands, bracelet etc. you can get wear them on body parts that are bare and visible matching with your gown and style. Wedding guest ladies can also wear these tattoos to add more attractiveness to their appearance.



Transfer tattoos are the ones that you can easily get on your body by yourself. You are just expected to buy a nice collection of transfer tattoos from any shop and transfer the image of the paper to your skin. They are perfect especially for those that want to get different small, cute and attractive designs on their bodies. There are both black and colorful transfer tattoos that can last either for 1 month or for 6 months depending on the tattooing method you choose. Stylish women can get them on their necks, hands, shoulders, arms, ribs and so on. You can have more fun by transfer tattoos.