8 Powerful Sanskrit Tattoo Ideas with Deep Meanings

It is known that Sanskrit is one of the most difficult and original languages in the world.  Almost all Indian languages are originated from Sanskrit. It has beautiful and very attractive writing that allures many people. Sanskrit tattoos are mainstream tattoos and they are chosen both by men and women. The originality of these tattoos is that their meanings are not known and only the wearer knows what is written on his/her body.

In other words these are secret tattoos. You can choose an inspiring and interesting phrase and get it in Sanskrit language. Like Chinese and Japanese tattoos Sanskrit tattoos also look very eye-catching and meaningful. Several words like Nirvana, Shanti, Om and Moksha that come from this language and represent purity are often chosen as tattoo designs. Here we introduce you the best Sanskrit tattoo designs between which you can make your choice.

#1 Peace Tattoo in Sanskrit

Peace in this language is ‘shanti’. It’s beautiful word that has very subtle shape in writing and looks nice on neck. Some people get this word once and some repeat it trice. If you like you can add some quotes associated with peace in your tattoo. It will make the design more fascinating.

#2 Hope Tattoo in Sanskrit

Hope is ‘asha’ in Sanskrit. Instead of wearing this tattoo in your language you can get it in Sanskrit and the effect will be more mysterious and influential.

#3 Nirvana Tattoo in Sanskrit

Perhaps this word is the most known among the rest of Sanskrit words. It means heaven and inspires many people. It is the place where our souls are transferred after we are dead. The word in Sanskrit is ‘moksha’ and it’s quite long to be depicted on any body part you like. The word itself is very beautiful and brings the association with the eternal and Eden.

#4 Om Tattoo in Sanskrit

This is an excellent tattoo design for those who want a small and very meaningful tattoo. This word is used during meditations and they say that it brings and tends to put your nerves in peace. Most Sanskrit hymns begin just with this word that’s why it’s so popular in tattoo art as well.

#5 Name Tattoo in Sanskrit

Name tattoos are more original when they are depicted in a foreign language. In this case you can even get the name of the person you love and it will be kept in secret as no one can understand the meaning of your tattoo. Another version is to get your worn name. The best body part for these tattoos is wrists.

#6 A Sanskrit Character with the Buddha Face Tattoo

This one is mainly won by Buddhists. It is chosen by some monks who worship Buddha.

Here you can see other Sanskrit tattoo designs which are also very interesting. Many celebrities go for Sanskrit tattoos and this is a great way of grabbing much attention and always being in the center of attention.