10+ Lovely Bracelet Tattoos Every Women Must See

The majority of leaf tattoo ideas are inspired by the autumn season when everything is covered with colorful leaves. These tattoos look quite interesting and tender. Bringing out the vibrant red, orange, yellow and yellowish green colors leaves are great ideas for tattoos. The most common design of a leaf tattoo is the shape of the maple leaf. This is the very leaf that has all the mentioned colors in fall. They also have beautiful and inspiring shape. However there are people who prefer other leaves and wear them in these colors.


Different styles are used for leaf tattoos including the tribal style and the 3D style. Tribal leaf tattoos are generally done in black color and have simpler shapes, while 3D styled leaf tattoos are much more complicate and contain several colors to bring the real image of a leaf. They can also be combined with water, rain, rain drops, and wind or can just be depicted as a separate design. These tattoos can be worn on hands, arms, legs, feet, ankle, shoulder etc. They are worn both by men and women. Other combinations can be branches that also look very creative.


Now, we will show several Bracelet tattoos that look awesome and fascinating.


This tattoos design is the most common one. The leaf is taken as a separate design and looks very nice. It can also be worn in smaller sizes on different body parts.


Though this is not an original tribal tattoo but this style is used to create a tribal leaf tattoo. It brings the touch of mystery that ancient tribes carried so seriously. It is simple and looks beautiful.


A great option for our romantics who are eager to show their tender nature. Leaf combined with raindrops speaks about your kind soul and romantic nature.


This one is really cool and makes us feel as if it’s a real leaf pasted on a body. If you want to amuse people around you, 3D leaf tattoo can be great choice.


Branches can add more creativity to your leaf tattoo. It will look sophisticated and interesting.


So, the rest of the pictures can be seen bellow. Try to choose the one that is original and lovely for you. Add elements that go with your design to make it more attractive.